you can download a video if you'd like to see it in action
(both files are same video but the RAR file is smaller)

ZIP file (4.5MB)

RAR file (0.5Mb)


Getting Started:

First you need to download the following 2 zip files to your PC. The first is the Setup files and the 2nd contains a Project with around 1,000 smileys (0.6MB) (16MB)

Unzip the folder to a folder and remember the path to that folder as you will need it later. Unzip the folder as this contain the install program called SmileyPic Setup.exe. Simply install the program and you're just about ready but depending on your PC you may need to download and install extra files from Microsoft. These are called the .NET redistributables which are required to get the program to run. You can download these directly from Microsoft on this Download Page.

Starting the program for the first time
When you first start the program it won't have any smileys loaded. Simply click Project and then select Open and browse to the folder that contains all the files you extracted from the file. You will then only see the project.smiley file within that folder so select it and click Open. This now loads the smiley project and shows the categories in the left hand pane called Packages. Packages can also contain Categories. The middle pane (called Smiley Pic) shows the smileys and the right hand pane shows the Options.


The Smiley Pic GUI which is divided into 3 Panes

Category Pane:
This is the left hand pane and is split into 2 sections top and bottom. The top section contains the smiley project Packages and Categories within those packages. The bottom half contains the Search option which is described further below. All you do is simply click on a Package to expand/collapse it to show/hide the Categories. In an expanded Category you can then select a Package and this will then show any smileys in the middle pane. The amount of smileys within each Category are shown to the right of the Category name.

Middle Pane (Smiley Pic):
This is the main pane and shows the smileys within the chosen Category. If you hover over any smiley briefly then a small popup window will show the smiley in it's actual size along with it's name (grouplove is shown in the above picture).

Options Pane:
This contains most of the options from the dropdown menus such as Output and View options. It also includes the adjuster for the Tilesize. This is used to increase/decrease the size of the tiles that show the smileys. When you adjust this smileys are automatically resized to fit the tile. If a smiley is reduced in size then you simply hover over it to see it. If there and many that reduced then simply increase the tilesize to something more suitable for that Category as they can be different sizes for each Category and won't need constantly adjusting.


Setting the Initial Options:

There are a few settings that you may want to set before you start. Clicking the Settings option allows you to simply show/hide the text names for the smileys. You can also select in which way you want to use the smileys as there are 3 options which are Forum Code, HTML link and Image.

Forum Code will simply use the forum code as you would when using normal forum smileys. Obviously this method will only work with the forums that the forum code is correct for.
HTML Link will use a direct image link and therefore can be used in any forum that uses the [img] tags for images/smileys.
Image is used in email programs such as Outlook Express/Incredimail when putting the smileys directly into emails as it will show the image directly within the email instead of code.

View Options:

The first option Switch To Grid allows you to edit the properties for each smiley using a grid format. Simply double click any box to edit that entry. All modifications are instant and then saved when you exit the program. The Drag n Drop will still work in Grid View.

The 2 side panes which are the Package and Options Pane can be hidden. Simply select to tick/untick to show/hide the 2 side panes. You can also click the blue columns either side of the middle pane to show/hide the 2 side panes. The 2 side panes are also detachable/dockable so that you can move them anywhere you want.

The Default View option will simply put the panes back to normal again if you move them.

The Always On Top will toggle between having the 3 panes showing at all times or going behind other windows as you select them. It's probably better the resize the middle pane and put it somewhere you can have it Always On Top. To hide it you can always click the minimize icon and to show it again click the SmileyPic icon in the system tray.

The Auto Hide will hide the panes when you click and hold the left mouse button when selecting a smiley. This enables you to drop the smiley anywhere you want as you should be able to see the whole of the window below the program.


Search Feature:

This is in the early stages of development but you can search for a smiley. You input the word you want to search for and you can also select which field you wish to search using the 2 options. The first option allows you to search the whole Project, the currently selected expanded Package or the current selected Category. The second option then allows you to specify which field you want to search.

Code - forum code
Tags - tag words
URL Link - the URL link to the image
Description - the image name

All - ticking this searches all the 4 above options

Using Smiley Pic:

When you finally decide which smiley you want, left click the mouse button and hold it. Depending on your options all the Smiley Pic GUI will either disappear or stay. While holding the left mouse button drag the mouse pointer (a smiley should be beside it) and drop it wherever you wish to put it but make sure you drop it in the right place. Remember to set the correct Output option to your needs!

Layout Examples

This is an example of a Smiley Pic GUI layout using a small thin middle pane but you can size it any way you want depending on how you want to use it


This is another example using a thin but long GUI so basically you can vary it in all ways

That's it for now, any question feel free to ask in the Smiley Pic forums (LINK)


Smiley Pic